Just 1 hour a month could change the life of someone in our community. Many of our elder neighbors can not afford the cab fair to reach their numerous medical appointments nor can they walk to the limited bus line without assistance. Interfaith Caregivers volunteers help alleviate these worries by providing free, door to door transportation.

Here's a look at what our volunteer drivers have accomplished from February 2013 to May 2013:
On average, Interfaith Caregivers provided 140 round trip transports per month.

During that time our volunteer drivers transported clients to:
+ Olean Medical Group (60+ trips)
+ Medical Arts Building (30 +trips)
+ Dialysis Building and Olean General Hospital (30+ trips)
+ Holiday Park Center (20+ trips)
+ Allegany Eye Association (15+ trips)
+ Olean Physical Therapy Professionals (45+ trips)

In the past three months, there was a 6% cancellation rate due to lack of volunteer drivers.

If you want to be a volunteer driver but are feeling the pinch of the rising gas prices, Interfaith Caregivers will provide a gas card/mileage reimbursement. Please ask us how.

Please also note that Interfaith Caregivers volunteers are covered under our volunteer insurance. This, in addition to your own auto insurance, will protect you in the event of an accident.