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About Us

Simply put, people who care, helping people in need. 

Founded by the Greater Olean Association of Churches in 1984, Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. is supported by various local churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals. Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. does not receive any government funding.

Mission Statement

Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. is a caring community of volunteers from diverse religious and cultural communities. We will work together through innovative, collaborative partnerships of congregations and human services to empower individuals to reach out to one another in time of need.  

We Value

The dignity and worth of every person.

The commitment to inclusive care and service. 

The giving of oneself.

The respect for diversity of gifts. 

The importance of spirituality as a resource for health.

The shared dialogue that leads to action.

The capacity of volunteer caregiving to invigorate the life of a community.

The unique worth or the volunteer.

Statement of Philosophy

Staff and volunteers of Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. assist people to meet their expressed physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This service shall be performed in a sensitive, caring and compassionate manner. 

In carrying out our mission, Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. ensures that no person shall on the basis of age, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability be subjected to discrimination. 


Our Mission

Our Vision

We are here for you. You can come to us for a range of services, if you have an identified need, we would like to help. We can provide advocacy and referral services; link you to a volunteer if you need medical and/or essential errand transportation and more. If you, or someone you know, is blind or visually impaired we may be able to help in providing visual aids. Through the loan closet we are able to fulfill a range of assisted device needs. If you would benefit from hearing from a friendly voice from time to time, we are here for you, feelings of isolation and real.

We Need Your Support Today!

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