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Individual and Estate Donors


Anonymous Donor(s)

Claudia Attard-Keary

James Bardenett

Bob and Barb Black

Peggy & Armand Burke

Lance Chaffee

Kathy and John Coulter

Estate of Elizabeth Pappas

Barbara J Endersen

Sandra Deal

Mary Donato

Helen Gossman

Charlene Granger

Julie Hall

Nancy Kinney

Phyllis Kottrill

Linda Longo

Francis Lord

Jack Lorenz

Linda Manross


Sheila McGowan

C. Moses

Mary Pownall

Brenda Rivetti

Evelyn and Les Sabina

Hans and Char Sendlakowski

Deborah Stevens

Marilyn Spink

Elizabeth Stayer

Stitt Family

Rae Tenant

Gary Tingue

Philip and Ann Turano

Lester Vier

Rebecca Walker

Corey Weaver

Connie and Sandy Wolfinger

Wilkinson Family

Rick & Lisa Youngs

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bush

Legacy Giving

There are a number of options to support our work; you may choose to give a gift now or you may arrange a future gift, including a legacy gift that will continue your support after your lifetime. Please contact us at any time with questions about Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. or to talk about your interests, ideas, and philanthropic goals.

An estate gift is a powerful thing. It empowers you, the donor, to leave a lasting imprint on the world. It is a way to honor your values and beliefs and continue making a difference after your lifetime. Estate gifts may be a bequest in your will or take another form, such as naming Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. as a beneficiary of an IRA or trust. With an estate gift, you have the satisfaction of knowing your generosity will continue to impact those in need, without affecting your assets today. Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, fully funded by private donors and philanthropic organizations. 

Individual and Estate Donors


Richard and Patricia McNeil

Gail and Brian Cross

Doug Smith

E. E. Harvey

Robert and Ann Riemer

Suzanne Monroe

Helen Gossman

Ladies Aid of Ischua

Barbara Casey

George Seamon and Lisa Anderson

Maureen Donahue

Allison Bailey

Pamela Cockle

Angelic Green

People who care, helping people in need!

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